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The city of Las Vegas is known for its ability to set new trends at all times. So, it should be no different when it comes to roller coasters. Las Vegas has many roller coasters, all which are part of hotels and casinos. Prepare to be "amused" by these intense, speed demon coasters. Canyon Blaster at Circus Circus Hotel and road trip casino slot game (slotoff.com): The Canyon Blaster can be located right in the middle of the Circus Circus Casino.

Just from a first glance of the Canyon Blaster you may be fooled into thinking it's a tame ride, you're sorely mistaken! Although it has a short track of about 2,423 feet, it's 94 feet in height. This ride can reach speeds up to 45 mph or more and it's the only roller coaster that does 2 full loops with a double corkscrew. It starts off slow with a sharp 90 degree turn, and climbs the entire 94 feet inch by inch. After you've reached the tip top, the ride does a gut wrenching drop taking you underground at the top speed.

This is only the beginning of this short thrill as it pops up above ground and does 2 loops combined with a double corkscrew. As the ride ends it slows down to go thru the mini-golf course before coming to an end. While this is a short and quick ride, it's very intense! The coaster cars use overhead restrains to protect passengers. A 1 minute ride will cost you $5 but you can purchase a day pass for $24.95. Location: 2880 S. Las Vegas Blvd Phone: 702-794-3939 Price: ($5 per ride or day pass $24.95 for adults or $14.95 for kids) Height Limit: '46 inches Intense Rating=7 Speed, The Ride at Sahara Casino and Hotel: The Speed ride at Sahara Casino and Hotel is not your average roller coaster.

The ride is designed to run forward to the end of a 1400 feet track and then reverse to do the ride backwards. By the end of this ride you will know why they call it "Speed". You start off by being blasted out at 55 mph and head up a giant hill. This is the only ride in Vegas that starts off at this fast of a speed. After climbing the hill you then take a 90 degree turn and head down Las Vegas Blvd. Once you almost reach the end of the casino the ride takes a drop dive 25 feet below street level.

While accelerating speed, the coaster pops back up about street level at 70 mph only to go into a furious loop and pop out above the sidewalk. The coaster then passes over the entrance roadway and goes thru the HUGE Sahara casino sign and onto the parking ramp. After that, prepare yourself, the ride climbs 224 feet straight in the air and leaves you hanging there for a minute before it bolts back down, only to do the whole ride again backwards. With a total of 22 seconds going forward and 22 seconds going backwards, you can get the picture of how the coaster gets its name.

You can get on the ride for $10 per ride. (Note: Adults may want to have a sip of "courage" at the Nascar Café before getting on this ride) Location: 2535 S. Las Vegas Blvd Phone: 702-737-2111 Price: ($10 per ride or day passes $21.95) Height Limit: '54 Intense Rating=8 The Manhattan Express at New York New York Casino and Hotel: Surrounded by the classic New York New York background, The Manhattan Express is hard to miss. The coaster cars are designed like New York taxi cabs to give you that full "Manhattan" feel.

The ride starts off with a steep hill, enjoy the bright lights of the strip while you're able to because in a matter of seconds, the ride sends you thru a 144 foot drop. The intensity only increases as you go thru loops, corkscrews and hills at speeds of over 65 mph. The constant twist and sharp 180 degree turns will keep you gripping your harness like your life depends on it! Location: 3790 S. Las Vegas Blvd Phone: 702-740-6969 Price: ($12 per ride or day passes $25) Height Limit: '54 Intense Rating=8 X-Scream at Stratosphere Casino and Hotel: The X-Scream ride is just one of many rides that The Stratosphere Tower has to offer.

The balance beam of a ride, opened in late 2003 for ride goers. It involves single passenger cars sustained on a 69 foot beam. The X-Scream dangerously tilts back and forth at speeds up to 30 mph.